Membership Plan

We are excited to launch a new membership plan, providing hotels, restaurants, private clubs, and meeting professionals with better access to one-of-a-kind legal, safety, and security resources.

The new plan gives members access to the ® Solutions Store, which contains forms, checklists, and procedures specifically designed for hotels, restaurants, private clubs, and the meetings industry. With two types of memberships for operators, Basic and Premium we give you the opportunity to choose the plan that best fits your needs.

There are no long-term contracts. You are free to stop your membership anytime.

Basic Membership| $29 per month

Members in the Basic Plan receive access to the following tools:

Over 100 legal, safety, and security Forms, Checklists, and Procedures, many of which have been translated to Spanish;

Over 30 Job Descriptions designed specifically for hotels and restaurants;

Over 20 Employee Manual clauses; and

Request a Solution via the Hotline Center.

The “Request a Solution” tool allows members to request a legal, safety, or security solution via an easy-to-use online form. Members simply submit the legal, safety, or security solution they need assistance with, and will send the member the name of an attorney or company with experience in the hospitality industry that can help them with their question.

Premium Membership | $299 per year

By signing up for the Premium Membership plan, in addition to the above resources, you gain access to the following tools:

Premium Forms that offer even more ways to assist you in solving your legal, safety and security issues;

FAQ Library, containing responses to frequently asked questions by operators;

Discounts on webinars; and

Ask the Hospitality Law Professor via the Hotline Center.

The “Ask the Hospitality Law Professor” tool allows members to submit questions to Founder, Stephen Barth.